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37" x 75" Wide Belt Sander
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CNC Dovetail Machine (6 Styles Dovetails)
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120” Multiple Groove or Rip Saw
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120” Multiple Groove or Rip Saw
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120” Multiple Groove or Rip Saw
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  • Designed to meet the exacting standards required for high quality ripping or grooving at panel production line use. Lobo’s rip saws are manufactured to precise tolerances, and feature the newest designs for operator safety and volume production.
  • Double anti-kickback fingers mounted at the infeed side provides maximum safety protection.
  • Heavy -uty industrial TEFC motor ensures full depth cutting capacity in all materials.
  • Ruggedly constructed sheet metal frame for durability and extended machine life.
  • The variable feed speed allows the machine to meet the cutting requirements of different materials.
  • Powered upper & lower pressure rollers for precise cutting.
  • The saw arbor is manufactured from alloy steel for dependability and anti-fatigue, heat treated, precision ground and balanced providing precise cutting performance.

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