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1220MM Paper/PVC Sheet Laminate Machine
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1220MM Paper/PVC Sheet Laminate Machine
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1220MM Paper/PVC Sheet Laminate Machine
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  • This system transfers the work material, cleans the dust at surface, applyies the glue, cuts the PVC film to size, adds the film to work material, heat and cold rollers for double pressurization, achieving the best finish.
  • Pneumatic controlled pressure rollers active smooth and right pressure performance.
  • Variable speed of feeding for quick setup.
  • Fully automatic control system for mass production.
  • Max. working material width 1220 mm.
  • Max. working speed 15 m/min.
  • "A" Inlet Roller Conveyor 1 set Machine size: 1520mm*2700mm Steel roller for chromes: 114mm∮*1120mm*8pcs.
  • "B" Brushing Cleaning Unit 1 set Machine size: 1520mm*760mm Steel roller for chromes: 114mm∮*1270mm*4pcs Rubber roller:114mm∮*1270mm*1pcs Brushing roller:146mm∮*1300mm*1pcs Brushing motor:0.4Kw(1/2Hp)*6P*1set.
  • "C" Base Direct Roller Coater 1 set Machine size:2000mm*850mm Rubber roller:200mm∮*1350mm*1pcs Stainless steel roller:165mm∮*1350mm*1pcs Steel roller for chromes:200mm∮*1350mm*1pcs Steel roller for chromes:114mm∮*1350mm*1pcs Transport motor: 2.2Kw(2Hp)*4P motor*1set.
  • "D" Roller Conveyor 1 set Machine size:1520mm*3050mm Steel roller for chromes:114mm∮*1120mm*10pcs.
  • "E" Pneumatic Roll Type Laminator 1 set Machine size:1900mm*6500mm Rubber roller for pressing:200mm∮*1320mm*1pc Steel roller for chromes(for heating pressing):200mm∮*1320mm*3pcs Pipe heater:0.8Kw*6pcs*3sets Steel roller for chromes:200mm∮*1320mm*4pcs Electrical control box:1set Pneumatic-cylinder: FA 63mm∮*40ST*8pcs Paper cutting unit:0.4Kw(1/2Hp)*4P*1set Steel roller for chromes(for soft PVC sheet):150mm∮*1320mm*1pcs Pipe heater:0.8Kw*3pcs*1set Steel roller for chromes(for PVC sheet setting):114mm∮*1320mm*5pcs Transport motor:2.2Kw(3Hp)*4P motor 1set.
  • "F" Outlet Roller Conveyor 1 set Machine size:1520mm*2700mm Steel roller for chromes:114mm∮*1120mm*8pcs.
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