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13 KW High Frequency Genrater
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13 KW High Frequency Genrater
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13 KW High Frequency Genrater
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  • For mass productions, 2 to 3 minute per cycle for drying or bending the wood project
  • Varieties of wood bending shapes are able to produce.
  • Press one large part, slicing into many small pieces for high productivity.
  • Meet all kinds of furniture fabrications.
  • One high frequency generator could output two wood-bending presses, or one output four wood-bending presses to achieve continuous mass production.
  • Using wooden mold instead of expensive steel mold to save development cost dramatically
  • Use electricity power instead of steam boiler, no influence to the environment without emissions of PM2.5.
  • High frequency wave penetrate into inside of glue, shorten glue cured period and forming time.
  • One work is able to operate 4 to 6 bending press machines.
Model No. PT-13HF-GN
In Put Power 20 KVA
Out Put Power 13 KW
Machine Size (L x W X H) 47" x 28" x 39"
Machine Weight 820 LBS
Work with PT-2024HF High Frequency Press

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