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15-3/4” Double Side Veneer Glue Applicator
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15-3/4” Double Side Veneer Glue Applicator
Item Name
15-3/4” Double Side Veneer Glue Applicator
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  • The double side glue applicator ensures precise application of adhesive to the edges of veneer bundles eliminating airborne contaminants and operation inconsistency.

  • Both Urea based or PVAc glue work well as requested.

  • Standard cooling system for glue pots. To extend the pot-life of the mixed glue, a cooling system is mounted on the side.

  • Heavy casting base for stable performance and strength.

  • Fast and easy change working size mechanism.

Veneer Strip Thickness 0.25 mm ~ 2.5 mm
Veneer Strip Length 350 ~ 2810 mm
Veneer Strip Width Min. 75 mm
Moisture Content 8 ~ 12%
Feed Speed 15 ~ 25 Cycles / Min
Power 23 KW
Pneumatic Air 90 PSI
Heating Temperature 100 ~ 220 C
Heating Zone 1200 mm
Machine Size 177" x 97" x 81"
N.W.  12,700 LBS
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