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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
15" Wide Belt Sander
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15" Wide Belt Sander
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15" Wide Belt Sander
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  • Combination head configuration drum and platen produces a finer finishing result.
  • Pneumatic controlled OSCILLATING BELT SYSTEM and easy adjustable pressure for sanding different wood materials such as veneer, hard wood and soft wood.
  • Conveyor table roller extension, ideal for big panel sanding such as doors, window frames, etc.
  • Specially designed for one side open body sanding up to 30 panels with two passer.
  • The emergency stop device ensures instant shot shown of machine running.
  • This unit is ideal for the fine finishing requirements of general cabinet parts.
  • All rollers and pulley have balancing adjustments ensuring maximum stability.
  • High quality conveyor belt gives an outstanding gripping performance.
  • Spiral shaped and grooved contact roller is ideal for calibration sanding.
  • Infeed and outfeed are spring-loaded to ensure positive roller feeding.
  • An electric sensor for excellent operation controls the belt oscillation.
  • Designed for efficient small panel sanding at jaw body.
  • Heavy-duty construction with precision working parts.
  • Air cylinder control tension belt.




Sanding Width 15"
Sanding Belt Size 15" x 54"
Conveyer Size 15" x 64"
Min. Working Length 12"
Max. Working Thickness 6"
Feeding Speed 20 FPM
Sanding Motor 7½ HP
Feeding Motor ½ HP
Air Requirement 6 CFM
N.W. 840 LBS
G.W. 960 LBS





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