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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
43” Orbital 8 Brush Sander Machine
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43” Orbital 8 Brush Sander Machine
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43” Orbital 8 Brush Sander Machine
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  • This model is especially suited for irregular surface sanding (other design is available).
  • Designed for solving irregular or profile surface sanding problems easily and quickly such as sculptured panels, bas-relief or beehive, various profiles of panel inserts, window and raised panel door frames, sculptured doors.
  • Also, it does a very good job for fine finish, lacquered sanding such as solid wood, veneer, MDF, laminated or lacquered panel sanding and burr cleaning.
  • All four brush sanding heads at center carriage station are rotated with variable speeds controlled by inverter to achieve the best sanding result for the different purposes.
  • The new machine structure consists of the four brush sanding heads are turning by itself with variable speed control; two of the brushes are turning forward direction, and two of the brushes are turning reverse direction, permitting cross and longitudinal sanding to be performed simultaneously.
  • All the brush heads can be running forward or reversed with mix different grits of sand paper by running two different directions for easy and fast setup. To do rough or fine finish sanding just change the sanding brush direction by the select switch.
  • The panel held by vacuum pressure conveyor device is specially designed to handle small or short pieces of material.
  • The conveyor is controlled by inverter for variable speed also for simple and quick adjustment setup.
  • Digital thickness controller for the sanding thickness.
  • Digital display for all the sanding speed by inverter.
  • The brush can be conveniently and quickly replaced by just loosening one nut.
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