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48" Auto Spindle Sander
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48" Auto Spindle Sander
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  • The workpiece can be clamped & discharged automatically during the sanding operation.
  • Adopts the variable speed selections; can increase the productivity and adjustments easily and quickly when the workpiece size has changed.
  • The sanding operation adopts the enclosed cover for dust collection so not to effect the air pollution.
  • Equipped with auto feed hopper for mass productions.
  • Newly developed extra sanding wheels polished the deeper grooves completely, but also to polish the first coating on wood bar.
  • Especially suitable for heavy duty sanding, easy to install the sandpaper for sanding the concave and wave pattern workpiece perfectly.
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance cost and saves labor.
  • Revolving drum & fixed drum made of high quality cast iron, annealing heat-treated to ensure centering accuracy after years of operation.
  • A back plate provides backup support of quill, preventing the turning pieces to fly-out.
  • The spindle bearings are protected with seal to prevent sand dust entering.
  • Spring-loaded tail quill is hard chrome plated for wear resistance and provides years of accuracy.
  • The speed of the drum, sanding paper oscillation, working spindle and sanding wheel spindle are achieved through a high performance variable speed driver.
  • Any type of workpiece material of profile variation can be sanded with maximum uniformity and smoothness.
  • An additional support is built for the moving drum not only giving solid support for the moving drum, but also maximum operation stability. It also provides convenient length setting for various workpieces.
Max. Working Length
7/8" ~ 48"
Max. Working Dia.
3/8" ~ 4"
Working Speed
3 ~ 18 PCS/MIN
Main Spindle Speed
0 ~ 4200 RPM (VAR)
Workpiece Spindle
Spindle Motor
7½ HP
Brush Wheel Motor
1 HP
Drum Slide Motor
½ HP
Revolving Drum Motor
1 HP
2640 LBS
3300 LBS



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