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25" x 60" Wide Belt Sander
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CNC Dovetail Machine (6 Styles Dovetails)
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5' x 10' Automatic Wood Board Joining High Frequency Press
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5' x 10' Automatic Wood Board Joining High Frequency Press
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5' x 10' Automatic Wood Board Joining High Frequency Press
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  • Mass production for wooden board, 2 to 3 minute for drying a 4' x 8' wooden board
  • Automatic infeed, out-feed cycle, mass production within 3 - 5 minutes is ready for output.
  • Shortens manufacturing procedures – no need to pass through for the dovetailing or joining process.
  • Equipped with a massive upper plate supplies powerful hydraulic pressure, which presses each part of wood board to make even the most crooked pieces of wood flat.
  • Due to the flatness it has made, there is may not needs to pass through double side planer processing. This substantially reduces wood loss.
  • User friendly operations; it is equipped with side automatic inlet and outlet feeding table system for continuous and mass production.
  • Top quality wood board is manufactured by way of glue cured and completely hardened glue joins with high frequency heating in the meantime.
  • All processing steps are integrated into the HMI interface control panel for easy one-touch control on the screen.
  • Utilizes high frequency, glue cured evenly from inner of the glue line of the wood.


Model No. PT-510HF
In Put Power 60 KVA
Out Put Power 40 KW
Max. Working Width 60"
Max. Working Length 120"
Working Height 9/16"  ~ 3-1/8"
Pressure 65 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump 5 HP
Press Cylinder (top) 4 Pcs
Press Cylinder (Rear) 12 Pcs
Out Feed Rollers 5 Pcs
Machine Size 377" x 87" x 87" (L x W x H)
Machine Weight 14200 LBS
Lobo Machinery, Inc has been in the wood machine for a while.

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