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25" x 60" Wide Belt Sander
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5' X 10' Hydraulic Assembly Press
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5' X 10' Hydraulic Assembly Press
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5' X 10' Hydraulic Assembly Press
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  • In order to promote the practicability of the frame assembling for doors and windows, our company designed AP-2513 and AP-3017. Those models are solidly constructed and welded with great precision machines.

  • The outer structure of this frame-assembling machine is made of two vertical beams which are individually located at the upper and the bottom side of the machine. Equipped with two vertical hydraulic cylinders, the vertical beams can be moved up and down to distribute the pressure evenly on the frame.

  • The setting bumper of the square block can be moved to set the position by means of manual labor, yet the mobile pressing platen of the square block and the vertical upper beam can be moved by the vertical hydraulic cylinder.

  • Each operation can be completed with pressing the button. Equipped with hydraulic power, the machine has a manometer to read the pressure in use. It is also equipped with pressure adjuster to regulate the vertical and horizontal hydraulic cylinders in using the pressure, which can perform the pressing operation precisely.

  • Upon the other requests of our customers, we can also increase some optional items.

Working Size
2500 x 1300 mm
3000 x 1700 mm
Vertical Cylinder Stroke
80 x 600st x 2 pcs
80 x 800st x 2 pcs
Side Cylinder Stroke
50 x 800st x 2 pcs
50 x 1500st x 2 pcs
Hydraulic Motor
2 HP
Machine Size (L x W x H)
3000 x 1200 x 2200 mm
3600 x 1200 x 2500 mm
Machine wt.
1200 kg
1600 kg
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