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6" 2 Top 2 Side Universal Wheel Sander
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6" 2 Top 2 Side Universal Wheel Sander
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6" 2 Top 2 Side Universal Wheel Sander
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  • Designed for high production moulding sanding of straight stick of solid wood, veneered panel and finish between coats with profile, angular, or straight edge.
  • Workpiece is through feed with power spring-load pressure rolls at top, without sliding for irregual surface.
  • The brush, flap wheel, pneumatic drum or profile sanding head to cover all the profile sanding.
  • Top sanding head can be adjusted in & out, up & down.
  • Side sanding head can be adjusted tilt, forward & backward and up & down.
  • Variable feeding 20" to 80" to get different setup easily.
  • Every sanding head can use profile disc, brush wheel or sand belt with sponge drum for fine, detail finish.




6" x 9" BRUSH HEAD  $99.00




Max. Sanding Width 6"
Max. Sanding Height 4"
Min. Sanding Length  13"
Wheel Head  
Brush Wheel Drive Motor 2 HP
Brush Tilts (universal Heads Only) +90° ~ 180° 
Max. Sanding Wheel Dia. (Top & Bottom) 12"
Max. Sanding Wheel Dia. (Side) 8"
Sanding Spindle Dia (top & Bottom) 1-1/4"
Sanding Spindle Dia. (Side Head) 1"
Spindle Speed  0 ~ 3600 RPM
Profile Platen Belt Head  
Range of Workpiece Width 2" ~ 70"
Minimum Length of Workpiece 4"
Range of Workpiece Thickness 1/6" ~ 4"
Simple Belt Head  
Sanding Belt Size 6" x 20"




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