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6 cbm High Frequency Timber Dry Kiln
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6 cbm High Frequency Timber Dry Kiln
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6 cbm High Frequency Timber Dry Kiln
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HF vacuum drying equipment is a relatively small and fast timber drying machine, it is used to dry hard wood and thicker timber ,which solves the distortion and crack problems of hardwood and larger section timber ,it is very suitable for the solid wood furniture factory 、solid wood door factory、solid wood cabinet door factory、and timber process factory to dry the timber in last stage or secondary drying and some red wood 、 hard wood drying, because of its advantage of small batch production and short drying cycle .

I、Principle of HF vacuum dry

It adopts HF electric field as heating source, uniformly radiate to timber, and come through timber directly heat the moisture, which fast remove the moisture by vacuum water absorption function.

II、HF drying features and advantages:

  • Vacuum state: water boiling point is lower under the vacuum state, the moisture is heat to 60℃,it will start to vaporize in HF container, so meeting the drying destination in low temperature sate, then mostly reduce problems of timber distortion and crack, especially suitable for precious timber drying. The effect of the vacuum negative pressure suction speeds up the drying process.
  • HF vacuum dryer has the sterilization、insecticide and environmental protection functions
  • Fast temperature rising:  No need hot conduction, outside and inside of timber will be heated at same time.
  • Fast dehydration: timber temperature will be a higher inside and lower outside during heating (it is opposite to the traditional heating method).
  • High quality : it is available to control timber moisture gap and surface humidity by controlling temperature rise speed and relative vacuum degree and cooling speed, so that it is efficiency to resolve the inside cracking ,end cracking ,and surface cracking ,color changed.
  • Good Adaptability : it not only realizes drying in low temperature ,but also drying in high temperature, remove stress, solid resin, which most suitable for all of kinds species of the timber drying
  • Lower drying cost
  • No environment pollution
  • Simple operation, automatically drying no need workers
  • Wood drying shrinkage rate is small compared with other drying methods, so save materials.

Technical parameters:

This equipment includes: Vacuum drying container, HF heating system, vacuum zing system, control operation system, cooling cycle system, moisture testing device, Temperature control device, pressure control device etc. matched timber carriage device, track rack, hydraulic system of top pressing timber, alarming device.

  • Timber capacity :6m³
  • Vacuum degree: 0~-0.09MPa, adjusting according to needs.
  • Dry Temperature: ≤90℃,you can set by user.
  • Dry Timber species: various of wooden timber
  • Initial moisture: dry the wet material, let the moisture to be 30% after natural air dry, drying cost will be more economic.
  • Finial moisture: user set it according to needs. The minimum is bigger than 6%.
  • HF generator input power: 50KW
  • HF generator Frequency :6~13.56MHZ
  • Temperature control: Double temperature measurement system- Optical fiber and thermo-couple, It efficiently avoid HF interference for the accuracy of temperature testing, Monitoring and max .limited temperature.  2sets
  • Moisture checking: adopt s weight method and the moisture content online detection.
  • Safety protection: Spark suppression and smog alarming.
  • Container size: Φ 1700mm(H)×7000mm(L)
  • Available Loading timber size:1000mm(H)×1000mm(W)×6000mm(L)
  • Feeding and discharging mode: Auto
  • The container is handled by professional chemical anti-corrosion (put 304 stainless steel plate -1.5 mm thickness), to prevent the pollution of the wood. No rustiness.
  • The professional antiseptic treatment of chemical (welding 304 stainless steel plate), no rust, preventing the pollution of wood.

Automatic HF vacuum dryer Features:

  • PLC automatic control, touch screen and human-machine interface, worker only needs to set the basic parameters, such as drying technology, initial moisture and request finial moisture, automatically control whole drying process.
  • Automatically HF tuning, no need operator, fault checking system checks the machine working state, if fault is happened, which will cut off power and alarm fault information.
  • Moisture checking timely: moisture checking adopts exclusive weight method, PLC can calculate the accuracy moisture according to timber initial moisture weight with timber weight reduction, which avoid common metal detector checking error problems in electric field. Meanwhile install matched moisture testing meter, which can check the moisture after stop heating.
  • Temperature adopts top grade optical fiber checking device: Accuracy, no HF interference, precisely temperature testing guarantees perfect drying effect.
  • Intelligent human-machine interface, Equipment parameters and wood parameters display on the touch screen in the process of drying parameters.

Parts introduction

High frequency drying equipment, wood timber put in the middle of high-frequency plate ,electric field directly penetrates the timber overall uniform heating, and high frequency only work on moisture, timber itself do not absorb the electric field, so the moisture heats up quickly, classification, due to internal temperature and water vapor pressure, form a pressure gradient inside timber, forcing the moisture discharge to the surface of timber, water vapor into the tank, so the high frequency drying is heated from inside to outside, quick and less prone to cracking and deformation.


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