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24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
9" 6 Spindle Moulder
78" Automatic Copy Band Saw
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78" Automatic Copy Band Saw
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78" Automatic Copy Band Saw
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  • New design for cutting the shaped panel parts such as chair or sofa frame.
  • This model is particularly suitable for cutting laminated wooden panels and timber or panels with shapes.
  • Outstanding engineering design provides a fast cutting operation and accuracy.
  • It not only saves your capital investment, but also reduces your cost of production.
  • Produces 5 ~ 6 pieces per minute without any stop all day long.
  • All operation controls are concentrated in the control box, and the controls are well arranged on the control panel for easier touch up to operation.
  • The easy setup at any position, variable speed table moving makes it possible for the machine to be operated at any cutting speed up to maximum.
  • The feed rate can be adjusted to give optimum output, according to stock thickness and component shape.
  • Saw head feed is designed automatically to slow down when it approaches the work piece, ensures no bump occurs and without cutting mark left at the start point, this gives exceptionally smooth finish.
  • Attached with standard fittings, including centric clamp feed plate, suitable to finish for chair, medium and small panel, etc.
  • Heavy-duty industrial motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Precision sealed long-life, high speed bearing for durability usage.
  • Heavy sheet metal frames and cast iron table.
  • Suitable for carious small work pieces, furniture parts, or complicated sharp objects.
Specification BS-2000CP
Cutting Length 0 ~ 78"
Cutting Height 0 ~ 4-3/4"
Max. Cutting Depth 6"
Cutting Angle Tilt +45 ~ -45 Degree 
Max. Material Size (Lx W x H) 78" x 39" x 4-3/4"
Saw Blade Size 223" L x 1/2" W
Saw Blade Wheel Diameter 33" 
Saw Blade Wheel Width 1-3/4"
Saw Blade Wheel Speed 600 RPM
Saw Blade Motor 15 HP
Table Feed Speed 0 ~ 50 fpm
Table Return Speed 105 fpm
Hydraulic Pump Motor 3 HP
Machine Weight 8750 LBS
Machine Size (L x W x H) 200" x 126" x 106"
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