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37" x 75" Wide Belt Sander
$20,990.00  $19,990.00
1 Bit 19" Auto Dovetail Machine
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9" x 48" Oscillating Twin Table Edge Sander
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9" x 48" Oscillating Twin Table Edge Sander
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9" x 48" Oscillating Twin Table Edge Sander
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  • Sand paper automatically oscillates up & down, so it will not overheat to get longer life usage and better finish result.
  • 13" x 18" end table mounted at left side of the machine to use as contour sanding.
  • Heavy gauge sheet metal cabinets stand and table for heavy work.
  • The height of front & back table is adjustable for 5".
  • Easily adjustable belt tension device.
  • Twin main working tables can be tilted up to 45 degrees, reducing material burning and promotes longer belt life.
  • The graphite pad lubricates the sanding belt and allows the belt to run cooler and smoother.
  • All sealed long-life ball bearings and rubber contact motor pulley.
  • Several typical profile blocks can be used for the edge profile sander.
  • Powerful industrial motor for durability usage.
  • Overload protect magnetic switch.
Max. Sanding Size 6" x 36" 9" x 48"
Sanding Belt Sizes 6" x 117" 9" x 142"
Belt Linear Speed 3130 FPM 3150 FPM
Belt Drive Motor 5 HP, 3 PH 7-1/2 HP, 1 PH
Oscillating Motor Belt Drive Motor Belt Drive Motor
Main Working Table (2 Units) 10-1/2" x 36" 10-1/2" x 48
Side Woring Table 13" x 17" 13" x 17"


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