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aa. 3/8" ~ 2-3/8"  Round Pole Milling M/C (Double Heads)
Item Details
aa. 3/8" ~ 2-3/8"  Round Pole Milling M/C (Double Heads)
Item Name
aa. 3/8" ~ 2-3/8" Round Pole Milling M/C (Double Heads)
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  • The unit is designed solely for shaping of round poles in wood working factory.
  • Double Spindle Round Rod Milling Machine is designed for cutting stick from square into round rod, cutting stick up to 60 mm in diameter.
  • Better than a single head machine, the RM-70S twin head machine offers smoother surface and saves finish time.
  • Built with 2 cutterheads, provides coarse and finish cutting sequence in one pass.
  • Excellent for making round rod with materials such as wood, rattan, acrylic and similar materials.
  • 4 cutting feed speeds to suit the various materials. The 4-stage speed feeding of square workpiece into cutting position by means of feed rollers may continuously push out shaped round poles in full automatic.
  • The cutting head has been proven flawless through experience and study of many years.
  • The unite cuts out perfectly round rod or stick, such as flag pole, rattan, acrylic molded board, carbon, bakelite, bamboo and wood.
  • A hand wheel is provided to adjust simply the feed rollers.
  • Wood fragments and dust are cleared off from the unit thoroughly in coherence with spindles revolution.
  • Cutting of each type and size of workpiece will be carried out by specific cutter head and rollers for finished products.
  • Automatic feeding, one-piece cast iron base.
  • High-efficiency industrial TEFC motor for powerful cutting.

RM- 70CT


RM- 70BD

Set of 2 pcs Blades: HSS $99.00, Carbide $129.00


Motor of Main Cutter
5 HP, 3 PH, 230V
15 HP, 3 PH, 230V
Feed Motor
1 HP, 3PH, 230V
2 HP, 3 PH, 230V
Cutter Speed
2900 RPM
1800 RPM
Feed Speed
20 ~ 43 FPM
20 ~ 43 FPM
Total Knife
Working Size
3/8" ~ 2-3/8"
1" ~ 5"
770 LBS
1600 LBS
1120 LBS
2100 LBS



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