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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
Auto Circle Saw Blade Face Grinder
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Auto Circle Saw Blade Face Grinder
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Auto Circle Saw Blade Face Grinder
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  • Automatic grinder for the circle saw blade tip and face.
  • Heavy sheet metal structure, stable operation and excellent durability.
  • Building microcomputer operated for select various types of teeth easily.
  • Saw rotates table with digital readout to control the saw blade thickness.
  • Grinding wheel automatically reverses according to teeth type, eliminating saw blade vibration.
  • Saw grinding is auto finishes each circle; saving grinding time.
  • Oscillating device for high accuracy on grinding surface which reduces diamond wheel consumption.
  • Grinding wheel angle is set by servo device operated by the keypad on control panel.
  • Touch pad on control panel for setting any types of groups of teeth and grinding wheel angle; easy and fast adjustment operation.
  • This machine is a practical and cost saving new model for various type of teeth grinder.
  • Employed with straight linear motion guides bearing to ensure longitudinal feed traverse smoothly and accurately.
  • Built in coolant system for fast grinding speed.
  • Heavy sheet metal cabinet stand and cast iron body.
  • High precision and durability.




Grinding Capacity
5" ~ 30"
Diamond Wheel Size
6" x ½"
5" x 1"
Main Spindle Speed
6000 RPM
3400 RPM
Diamond Tilt Angle
+/- 30°
+/- 45°
Main Spindle Servo Motor
1 HP
1 HP
Feed Cam Driving Motor
1/8 HP 
1/8 HP
Grinding Angle Servo Motor
1 HP
1 HP
Feed Motor
1/10 HP
1/20 HP
Oil Pump Pitch
1/8 HP 
1/8 HP
1 ~ ½"
5/8"~ 2-3/8"
Pitch Speed
0 ~ 100
5 ~ 16 Pitch/Min.
3300 LBS
3960 LBS





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