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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
Auto Push 12 FT Miter Cut-Off Saw
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Auto Push 12 FT Miter Cut-Off Saw
Item Name
Auto Push 12 FT Miter Cut-Off Saw
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  • Double 45-degree Miter Cut-Off Saw equipped with AF-08 auto pusher fence for adding automation, efficiency and accuracy.
  • 8' infeed table and 4' outfeed rollers table.
  • With programmable controller, it can act as AUTO STOPS or AUTO PROGRAM SIZING PUSHER for mass production jobs.
  • PLC controlled automatic pusher, fence device driven by servomotor active as:
  • STOPS: Key in the size, it will automatically move to the position, ready for the cutting size and automatic finish the cutting cycle.
  • PUSHER FENCE: Key in all the sizes and each job’s quantities, it will move to the material length, after loaded, it pushes to the first size, automatically does the cutting cycle. Then it will keep going for the quantity or the next size inputted. Continues until all cutting is finished, and then it will automatic restart again.
  • Fifty sets of job data memory, extendable: printer, PC link, and unlimited memory.
  • Efficiency and accuracy for all the jobs require sizing such as boring, drilling and cutting.
  • Super traveling speed up to 200 feet per minute.
  • Within 0.004" accuracy.
  • Other lengths are available.
  • Sealed long-life ball bearings.
  • Full 3 HP x 2 motor for powerful cutting capacity.
  • Precision ground cast iron table with heavy metal cabinet stands.
  • Easy operation for furniture, lumber, door, pallet or other manufacturing.
  • Saw blades come up from bottom of the table and return right after cutting for safety operation.
  • Magnetic control with overload protection.
  • A full saw blade guard prevent any dangers during cutting cycle.




Cutting Angle
45 (Fixed)
Max. Width of Cut
Max. Thickness of Cut
Saw Arbor Speed
3440 RPM
Saw Blade Size
12 x 1" Dia.
Cycle Speed
10 ~ 15 Cycle/Min
Table Area
32" x 12"
Table Height from Floor
3 HP x 2
Length of Feed Table
48"(in)/ 48"(out)
920 LBS
1140 LBS
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