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Auto Slide Shaper, End Tenoner / Match
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Auto Slide Shaper, End Tenoner / Match
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Auto Slide Shaper, End Tenoner / Match
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  • Fully automatic cycle function, just place the material against the stops, machine will automatic clamp, move in for shaping, come out and release the hold down.
  • Fast, safe and labor saving.
  • The 6" high stackable spindle by pneumatic up & down with 3 different stops are easily and accurately setup for each cutter position.
  • Table moves from right to left by variable speed pneumatic-hydraulic power to achieve the full cutting power.
  • Twin table moves in and out separately for tongue and groove, end match application.
  • Twin heavy-duty pneumatic pistons hold down the workpieces tightly to the table during the cutting process.
  • Rigid construction on the heavy sheet metal frame, case iron table & base for durability usage.
  • Heavy duty industrial motor is suitable for heavy duty cutting under full load.
  • Linear guide rails and bearings let the operator moving the table smoothly.
  • Cast iron fence locks in the table groove to finish 45-degree cut easily.
Max. Cutting Length
Max. Cutting Width (45 degree)
Max. Cutting Width (90 Degree)
Max. Cutter Diameter
6" Dia
Spindle Diameter
Spindle Length
7" (Stackable)
Spindle Speed
9000 RPM
Main Motor
5HP x 2
Dust Hood
4" x 2
Net Weight
2800 LBS



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