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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
Auto Small Piece Turning Lathe
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Auto Small Piece Turning Lathe
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Auto Small Piece Turning Lathe
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  • A versatile combination of turning, chamfering, drilling, cut off and automatic stock feed functions machine.
  • The entire operations from feeding to cut off are fully automatic and fastest performance.
  • The Automatic Wood Lathe are well-suited for producing rings for window curtain, umbrella handle, chess, toys, and Christmas gifts, furniture accessories, etc.
  • Automatic hopper feed, adjustable, hold stock diameter up to 1 3/8", minimum width 3/8”, height 16", length 40".
  • Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Precision sealed long-life bearing.
  • Heavy sheet metal frames and table for durability usage.
CL-AT 3200
Working Dia.
1/8" ~ 1-3/4"
Working Length
1/8" ~ 2"
Production Rate
15" ~ 80 Cuts/Min.
5 HP x 2
Spindle Speed
4500 RPM
Feed Mechanism
Automatic Hopper Feed
Machine Dimensions
146" x 51" x 55"
1320 LBS
1580 LBS



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