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Auto Wrapping Packaging Machine
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Auto Wrapping Packaging Machine
Item Name
Auto Wrapping Packaging Machine
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  • Automatic wrapping the material such as panels, doors, flooring, etc. when it is fed through.
  • PLC automatic controller.
  • Auto sensor for wrapping processing.
  • Variable infeed and outfeed conveyor.
Max. Diameter of Turnplate
1200 mm
Max. Speed of Turnplate
75 r/ min
Total Power 1.86 kw
Working Voltage 220 V   60Hz
Feeding Speed
0 - 15 m/ min
Sizes of Roller Film
Ø170X200 width
(Ø75 inner hole,2.8kg total weight,2.54kg net weight)
Max. Height of the Feeding Table 900 mm
Loading Weight 350 kg
Packing Speed 1.5 to 2 doors/ min
Min. Width of Workpiece 300 mm
Overall Dimension 2300 x 1300 x 2300 mm
Workpiece Max. Sizes (L x W x H) 5000 x 1450 x 530 mm
Workpiece Min. Sizes (L x W x H) 1000 x 200 x 50 mm
Specially designed for doors, flooring, panels, and flat materials.

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