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Automatic Double End Chucking & Threading Machine
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Automatic Double End Chucking & Threading Machine
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Automatic Double End Chucking & Threading Machine
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  • This automatic machine is designed for knurling operations and a round or taper section at the end of rod on the turned end to achieve secure jointing effect.

  • The machine is a high production, automatic unit and is pneumatically operated with air clamp by a foot switch for convenient operation.

  • The machine is supplied with one knurling cutterhead & one round or taper cutterhead as standard.

  • Custom sizes of knurling or round or taper cutting head are supplied as optional.

  • Powerful industrial motor for durability usage.

  • Precision sealed long-life bearing.

  • Heavy sheet metal stand.

  • Automatic feed magazine for mass production and automatic carry out the stock and drops it.

  • Feed loader can be adjusted suitable for various diameters of stock. Saw head slides on precision machined dovetail ways, saw blades are perfect square to stock, that enables cut-off surface straight and smooth.

  • Stock rest can be adjusted to suit for various cylindrical stock diameters or tapered diameters.

Range of Stock Length 15" ~ 47"
Range of Stock Diameter 3/8" ~ 1-1/2"
Production Rate 10 ~ 30 PCS/MIN
Cutterhead Speed 3400 RPM
Cutterhead Motor 2 HP x 2
Feeder Motor 2 HP x 1
Net Weight 1600 LBS
Gross Weight 1930 LBS
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