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c. 4 Head Stile Boring M/C
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c. 4 Head Stile Boring M/C
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  • Suitable and affordable for industrial and small workshop use.
  • Capable of using “multiple drill head."
  • Pneumatic clamp and drill head travel.
  • Operated by foot pedal, hands free.
  • 360-degree horizontally swiveling head design allows for side or angular boring by any boring direction.
  • Working length is easily adjusted through a hand wheel.
  • Easy adjustment for length and depth of boring.
  • Easy to operate by simple step on a foot switch air-hydraulic combination system for drill feed movement to afford smooth motions.
  • Front mounted, centralized control panel.
  • The boring units are designed with automatic clamping and boring capacity for high-efficiency operations.
  • The unit is directly driven with a 3 HP motor for non power-loss transmission.
  • The table can be adjusted up and down, and micro adjustment of the spindle allows for accurate position.
  • The distance between drills depends on the gear head is adjustable to meet drilling variations.
  • Cast iron base and table for durable usage.
  • Can add more drill units with order.
  • OPTIONAL Multiple Drill Head.





Motor (3 PH) 220/440V 3 HP x 2 3 HP x 3
Drill Speed (RPM) 3450 3450
Drill Bit Type 7/16" x 14UNC 7/16" x 14UNC
Spindle Stroke (Max) 4" 4"
Table Size (W x L) 6" x 6" x 2 6" x 6" x 3
Max. Working Length 49" 86"
Drill Chuck No No
Multi Drill Head Available Yes Yes
Air Clamp 2 3
Standard Spindle (A5L32) X 2 (A5L32) X 3
Max Spindle Optional Optional
Min. Drill Dist. (Chuck Type) Var. Var.
N.W. 1320 LBS 1650 LBS
G.W. 1600 LBS 1980 LBS








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