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CNC Miter - Mortise / Tenoner Machine
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CNC Miter - Mortise / Tenoner Machine
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CNC Miter - Mortise / Tenoner Machine
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  • Applicable for 45° tenoning and mortising for cabinet doors.
  • Two functions in one machine. Tenoning and mortising are accomplished at the same time.
  • This machine is mounted with tenoning and mortising cutters, allowing for producing tenon and mortise at the same time.
  • The tenoning and mortising spindle are driven by individual high frequency motors with high rotation speed for high efficiency cutting.
  • X,Y,Z-axis traverses are all driven by servo motors in combination with the linear motion guides on their slide ways. These lead to extra smooth movement and high positioning accuracy.
  • X,Y,Z-axis traverses are transmitted through ball screws.
  • Pneumatically operated wood clamp and stop.

High Frequency Motor 5 kw
Throw-away Type Cutter 10000 RPM
Length 0 ~ 150 mm
Thickness 0 ~ 40 mm
Depth 10 ~ 35 mm
High Frequency Motor 3 kw
Throw-away Type Cutter 21000 RPM
Length 0 ~ 150 mm
Thickness 0 ~ 40 mm
Depth  10 ~ 35 mm
Servo Motor (X, Y, Z) X: 1.5 kw x 1/ Y&Z: 1 kw x 2
Total Horsepower 11.5 kw (15.3 HP)
Working Air Pressure 6 Bar
Dust Hood Outlet Diameter Ø4" x 9
Machine Dimension (L x W X H) 2150 x 1500 x 1850 mm
Packing Dimension (L x W x H) 2300 x 1520 x 2070 mm
N.W. 1400 kg
G.W. 1580 kg


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