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Cross-feed Veneer Splicer
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Cross-feed Veneer Splicer
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Cross-feed Veneer Splicer
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  • The VN-280UM Crossfeed Splicing Machine is designed for glue-spliced joint for long and panel-sized veneer faces.

  • The pre-glued veneer strips are fed into the machine manually with feeding stoppers for fast and easy operation.

  • The integrated cut-to-size clipper at the outfeed section is for the designed-width faces.

  • Operators can also select the endless splicing model for jointing certain numbers of veneer strips.

  • The production output of the crossfeed splicing machine is approximately 6 ~ 7 times faster than the longitudinal splicing machine.

  • Pre-feeding Stoppers: To avoid mismatching in the beginning of feeding stage, a specially designed stopping system ensures users a “place-and-go” feeding operation for nonstop splicing work.

  • User-friendly Control Panel: A “clear-and-easy” operation panel with user-friendly PLC based interface touch screen mounted right in the front of the machine allows users to reach the best production output.

  • Back Clipper: This standard accessory ensures a precise “cut-to-size” veneer faces to be achieved.

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic System: The VN-28UM is equipped with European-made pneumatic and hydraulic system for the highest quality.

  • Hand-safety Guard: To avoid any human false against operator’s safety, a photocell safety guard is mounted to protect operators when the crossbeam is in downward movement.

Veneer Strip Thickness 0.25 mm ~ 2.5 mm
Veneer Strip Length 350 ~ 2810 mm
Veneer Strip Width Min. 75 mm
Moisture Content 8 ~ 12%
Feed Speed 15 ~ 25 Cycles / Min
Power 23 KW
Pneumatic Air 90 PSI
Heating Temperature 100 ~ 220 C
Heating Zone 1200 mm
Machine Size 177" x 97" x 81"
N.W.  12,700 LBS
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