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Door Stile Cold Press Single Side
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Door Stile Cold Press Single Side
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Door Stile Cold Press Single Side
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  • The CB-100FL Door Stile Press is a single-sided cold press machine. This press can also be used to apply veneers to any type of desired core material or composite stock.
  • The glue opening is 37-1/2" in height. Less that 37-1/2" of material stacked in the machine.
  • The opening must be filled with blank pieces to the top of the locating point so that the platen will engage the material being glued.
  • Machine is constructed of heavy-duty steel "I" beam frame and tube stock welded securely for continuous duty. Two 3-1/2” diameter bladders and a heavy-duty platen apply pressure to the material.
  • The top and bottom platen is designed to apply pressure to the outside of the stile material for tight glue joints. The platen travel is 2-1/2" when pressures are applied.
  • At 100PSI the bladders apply 30,000 pounds of pressure to the material being glued.
  • The material should be located in the center of the platen by using the adjustable vertical aluminum stop arms provided at the end and back of the machine.
  • The arms are also the locating points for the correct height of material to be glued.
  • These arms are adjustable by the quick adjustable handles provided at each of the contact points so material being pressed can be centered on the aluminum platen located at the bottom of the press.
  • After the glue is applied to both pieces of material the parts are then placed in the center of the machine until the correct height is achieved, then you may apply the pressure by a valve located at the top of the machine.
  • Once the maximum pressure is applied you shut off the air by the valve shut off and leave the material under pressure for the amount of time required for drying.
Max. Working Length
Working Width
3-1/4" ~ 11-3/4"
3-1/4" ~ 11-3/4"
Air Pressure Required
90 PSI
90 PSI
Capacity 3/4" (Thickness)
52 PCS
104 PCS
Capacity 15/16" (Thickness)
40 PCS
80 PCS
Machine Size (L x W x H)
108" x 28" x 72"
109" x 50" x 72"
Weight            (Prox)
1600 LBS
2700 LBS
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