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Double End Rod Cut-Off Saw
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Double End Rod Cut-Off Saw
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Double End Rod Cut-Off Saw
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  • Designed and built well-suited for double end cut-off operations for the stock with round section, in cylindrical, tapered or irregular shaped. The machine also can perform center cut-off for relatively short stock. High cut-off efficiency speed, up to 30 cycles per minute.
  • Range of stock diameter from 3/8" to 2-3/8”.
  • Feed loader can be adjusting to suit for various diameter of stock.
  • Saw head slides on precision machined dovetail ways, saw blades are perfect square to stock, that enable cut-off surface straight and smooth.
  • The feeder drum has 3 speeds selection.
  • Stock rest can be adjusted to suit for various cylindrical stock diameters or tapered diameters.
  • The entire cut-off operation is fully automatic, stock is holding down by V-belt, without chattering during cutting.
  • In application for center cut-off, there is a locking rest fitted to feeder drum to ensure positive drop down of cut-off stock.
  • Automatic cut-off sequence: stock enters into feeder drum from feeder loader, feeder drum is rotating continuously that feed the stock against saw blade for cutting, after cut, the rotating feeder drum automatic carry out the stock and drop it.
Range of Stock Length
4" ~ 35"
Range of Stock Diameter
3/8" ~ 2-3/8"
Production Rate
20 ~ 30 PCS/MIN
Saw Blade Speed
3400 RPM
Blade Saw Motor
½ HP
Feeder Drum Drive Motor
¼ HP
Net Weight
800 LBS
Gross Weight
1230 LBS



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