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24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
9" 6 Spindle Moulder
Feed Through Auto End Matcher / Tennor / Finger Jointer
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Feed Through Auto End Matcher / Tennor / Finger Jointer
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Feed Through Auto End Matcher / Tennor / Finger Jointer
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  • The Auto End Match Machine performs end tenoning, mortising, and shaping at both ends of the stick.
  • PLC control combined with touch-sensing screen for maximum convenience of operation.
  • Each cutter head is driven by an independent powerful motor.
  • 7500 rpm spindle speed.
  • Unlimited wood length.
  • Auto conveyor for in feed and out feed processes.
  • Cutter feed is controlled by a frequency inverter that permits variable speed changes to suit various cutting conditions.
  • Pressure plates are actuated by air cylinders.
  • Hard chrome-plated table features maximum wear resistance.
  • Table rollers increase feed smoothness.
  • Powered in feed roller conveyor is driven by a 1 HP motor.
  • 3400mm in feed roller conveyor and 2200mm out feed conveyor table are standard equipment.
  • Fully enclosed splash guard.
  • Air-operated clamp comes down holding sticks firmly in place. After workpiece is clamped, cutter head moves in and performs shaping operation.
  • The shaper spindle is precision constructed for cutting finger shapes accurately and accommodates a maximum cutter diameter of up to 6”.
  • The spindle height adjustment is displayed on a dial gauge. 





    Working Width

    1-1/2" ~ 10"

    1-1/2" ~ 12"

    Working Thickness

    3/8" ~ 1-3/8"

    3/8" ~ 1-3/8"

    Min. Working Length



    Max. Working Length



    Feed Speed (Variable)

    297 FPM

    297 FPM

    Cutting Speed

    79 FPM

    79 FPM

    Cutter Motor

    5-1/2 HP x 2

    5-1/2 HP x 3

    Feed Motor

    1 HP


    Cutter Movement Motor

    1/2 HP

    1/2 HP

    Cutter Spindle Diameter

    40 mm

    41 mm

    Air Requirement

    12 CFM

    13 CFM

    Machine Size (W x L x H)

    51" x 90" x 62"

    51" x 90" x 62"

    Machine Weight

    2310 LBS

    2560 LBS


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