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24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
Pallet Auto Wrapping Machine
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Pallet Auto Wrapping Machine
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Pallet Auto Wrapping Machine
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  • The stretch film carriage is equipped with hinged drive for smooth vertical movement. Speed is adjustable.
  • Turntable of stretch wrapping machine is equipped with hinged drive for stable turning during pallet loading. Speed is adjustable.
  • The stretch wrapping machine is controlled by PLC system. The mechanical structure adopts the mold group to design.
  • Motor speed is controlled by inverter. It allows the machine to run steadily and smoothly.
  • Two-dent design at the bottom of the turntable making moving the maching by forklift easy.
  • While carrying, the pole can be laid directly without dismantling. Save time and prevent the mistakes that may happen during installation.
  • The photoelectric cell of stretch wrapping machine can read the pallet height automatically. It is easy operating.
  • Electromagnetic brake device can adjust the tension of stretch film unlimited.
  • Pre-stretch System is optional.
  • The turntable starts and stops rotation gently, and it guarantees products' safety.
  • The operator can choose manual or auto operation mode.
  • The bottom of stretch film rack has safety limit switch.
  • Other sizes are available upon request.
Power 220 or 440V, 1 or 3PH
Main Motor 2 HP
Wrapping Height 82.5"
Turntable Diameter 59"
Turntable Height 3.5"
Max. Turntable Loading Weight 4400 LBS
Turntable Speed (Variable) 5 ~ 15 RPM
Film Carriage Speed (Variable) 20 FPM
PE Stretch Film Internal Diameter 3"
PE Stretch Film External Diameter 13-3/4"
PE Stretch Film External Width 21.5"
Film Thickness 17 ~ 35 Miclons
Mechanical Sizes (L x W x H) 103" x 59" x 95"
N.W. 1570 LBS






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