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Static Phase Converter
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Static Phase Converter
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Static Phase Converter
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Static Phase Converter

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Model Working HP Weight (LB) Price
SPC-1000 1/3 to 3/4 3  $ 170.00
SPC-2000 3/4 to 1-1/2 3  $ 190.00
SPC-3000 1 to 3 3  $ 210.00
SPC-6000 3 to 5 4  $ 280.00
SPC-9000 4 to 8 4  $ 310.00
SPC12000 8 to 12 5 $ 420.00

*Refers to wye-wound motors; delta-wound motors will run at 50% rated HP. Delta-wound motors are very rare in the USA, occasionally being found on some imported equipment, and are particularly found on German and Italian machines.

Static Phase Converters have been developed, tested, and thoroughly proven over a 46-year period   demonstrating exceptionally high reliability and long life. These converters are the workhorse of many commercial uses and multitudes of home shop machines.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: The Static Converter has been in use for approximately 46 years and has already proven itself to be extremely reliable when properly applied. It is reasonable to expect the converter to be in good working condition and service for 20 or 30 years or more. We continue to hear back from customers who have them still running their equipment faithfully after 20 years and more.

Uses include: Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Drills, Saws, Metalworking and Woodworking Equipment, Printing Equipment, Sewing Machines, Garbage Disposals, Food Processing Equipment, Meat Grinders, Food Mixers and   Blenders, Conveyer Belts, and numerous other uses.

Lobo Machinery, Inc has been in the wood machine for a while.

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