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24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
24" X 10" Hor. Band Resaw
9" 6 Spindle Moulder
UV curing Room (4 Sides)
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UV curing Room (4 Sides)
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UV curing Room (4 Sides)
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 UV Curing Future:

  • The right and left are mounted d with two 6 KW mercury UV lamps

  • The top and bottom are mounted with two 8 KW mercury UV lamps

  • REFLECTOR;Aluminum extrusion reflector, new designed mirror printing, with CF (cold filter)30% better efficiency than traditional type, lower most of the temperature

  • STRUCTURE;All IN SS41# steel with surface coating, control box color in white #U421 Door panel & control panel in blue #288U

  • TRANSFER TYPE; Gearbox motor with reducer, nickel-plated roller with Teflon conveyor belt Speed 5~30M/min, electronic variable frequency step less adjustment

  • COOLING CONTROL PANEL; Adopt force air cooling system, discharge pipe: 12" UV lamp current meter, human machine interface

  • Human-machine interfacing control for easy operation

  • SAFTY DEVICES: electric leakage sensor over-temperature protection, drive motor overload protection, blower motor overload protection, emergency stop switch and fuse.

  • Halogen lamps are optional.


    Specification TS-12UV
    Irradiation Effective Width 8"
    UV SYSTEM 6kw Mercury UV Lamp on the left & right,600W/Inch  、Irradiation Length 10"
    LAMP With 4 section control 120W/160W/200W/240W ,Side lamp are the scattering type
      8kw Mercury UV lamp on the upper & lower, 600W/Inch、Irradiation Length 15"
      With 3 section control 120W/160W/200W ,Upper lamp connect bottom lamp
      both are the focus type
    COOLING Adopt force air cooling system, discharge pipe : 12"
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