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12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
12" X 12" Hor. Band Resaw
Vacuum Coater
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Vacuum Coater
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Vacuum Coater
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Vacuum Coater Future:

  • Applicable for Liner / strip-shaped moulding pieces.

  • Coated simultaneously for various materials: such as wood, metal and plastic.

  • Coating all 4 sides of the workpiece at one pass, high efficiency and high productivity.

  • Fully enclosed guard meets environmental requirements.

  • PLC control, combined with touch -screen, provides maximum convenience of operation.

  • Paint utilization reaches nearly l 00% for saving costs.

  • Uniform coating thickness and bright color all the time.

Specifications TS-12VAC
Max. Working Width 12"
Max. Working Height 4"
Min. Working Length 3"
Feed Speed (Variable) 5 ~ 66 FPM
Application system  
Separation Motor MV15 (15*1 - 15HP)
Reservoir capacity (min-max) 12-60 Liters (3-15 gals.)
Vacuum Pump 15HP (1*15HP)
Fluid re-circulation Membrane pump´╝Ź60 l/min. (15 gais./min)
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